Ambien Dosage

Your dosage adjustment will depend on:

• Your age
• Other medical conditions you may have;
• Other medications you may be currently taking.

REMEMBER: Do not adjust Ambien dosage by yourself, it can be very dangerous.

Ambien dosage for Insomnia

It is recommended that you start taking Ambien with a 10mg, you should take it before bed.

People that have problem with their liver, or are older, or are using other medications that may affect the brain, they should start with a Ambien 5mg.

General information

These are some considerations that may become useful:

• Ambien should be taken right before bedtime.
• Ambien should be taken without food.
• The medication takes effect quickly, make sure that you are ready for bed before taking the drug.
• To get the best results, take the drug exactly as it is prescribed.
• If you have any questions or something is not clear for you, you can always consult with your healthcare provider.


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