How to take Ambien?

You should take Ambien exactly as it is prescribed by your healthcare provider. Do not take the medication for a longer term and in larger amounts than it is prescribed by your healthcare provider. Always follow the directions on the prescription label and remember that you can buy Ambien online.

Every Ambien package comes with instructions for safe use; it is recommended that you read the instructions before start to use the drug. If you have any questions, you can always consult with the pharmacist and get all the needed information.

Ambien should be taken only if you know that you have full 7-8 hours of sleep.

You should take Ambien by mouth with a glass of water. Remember, that Ambien is used for short-term use only. If after a term of treatment with Ambien your insomnia symptoms do not improve, tell it to your healthcare provider.


Maybe you have been using the drug not properly; the dosage maybe not proper or Ambien is just not for you. Also report if the treatment went wrong. It is recommended that you don’t take Ambien longer than for 4-5 weeks, unless you have been consulting with your healthcare provider.

Withdrawal symptoms may occur during Ambien treatment. Withdrawal symptoms may occur if you take the drug for a long time and stop taking it suddenly. To avoid this problem, you should stop taking the drug step-by-step. Consult with your healthcare provider and decrease your dosage. This is the best way to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms include:

• behavior changes;
• stomach pain;
• muscle cramps;
• nausea;
• vomiting;
• sweating,
• anxiety;
• panic,
• tremors;
• seizure;.

Call your healthcare provider if your health had worsened after few nights without taking Ambien.

Keep in mind that you should not crush, chew or break an Ambien tablet. You should swallow the tablet whole. Ambien is specially made that it slowly releases the medicine in to the body, by breaking the tablet, a large amount of medicine will be released at the same moment and it will increase the possibility of side effects.


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